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Web sites, blogs, social media, direct mail – there are so many options today for promoting your business that the proper palnning sometimes gets "fuzzy."
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Not only that, but trying to manage all of these options, while also maintaining a "cohesive, professional look" seems downright impossible.

Ferguson Design Group, LLC has over 20 years of developing business to business marketing plans, as well as implementing online marketing strategies. We help Dayton companies organize their promotional processes – creating personal, cohesive marketing plans to best reach the clients you are after. We utilize the latest technology to achieve measurable results, which helps to further define what works best for your industry.
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Our Springboro-based marketing firm helps Dayton area businesses create a consistent, branding strategy. We are capable of utilizing Variable Marketing Techniques, which personalize each item received by your customer, and can also assist with pay-per-click programs and online marketing solutions.

But regardless of the scope of your marketing needs, Ferguson Design Group can definitely help improve your chances for success with solid and proven strategies to reach your desired target market.

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